Art & Craft Activity Sheets

  • Shadow Matching

    Draw a line between each Christmas element and its shadow
  • Message to Santa

    Send message to Santa!
  • Match the number

    Draw a line to match the correct number of Christmas elements
  • Count & Color

    Count & Color the exact number of Christmas elements
  • Christmas Coloring

    Christmas Coloring
  • Fruits and vegetables shadows

    Draw the line to match the shadows of there fruits and vegetables
  • Score!

    Trace the lines to help the football make it to the good posts to score!
  • Dinosaur Tracing

    Help these dinosaur's find their way to their leafy snack!
  • Xmas Numbers

    Get in the Christmas spirit and color number 1 in beautiful Christmas colors
  • First, second or last

    Circle the first, second or last Christmas element.
  • Christmas Coloring

    Christmas Coloring
  • Christmas Fun

    Connect the dots, color in the drawings and finish by cutting out the lovely Christmas elements