Art & Craft Activity Sheets

  • My Safe People

    List all the people you can turn to when you feel unsafe
  • Get to Know Me

    Let's create a digital collage! In each box, add the images that match each question
  • My Family

    Look and write the family members
  • Art around the World

    As we celebrate different cultures around the world, let's take a closer look at their artwork. Choose one of the countries and artworks we discussed in class. Paste a photo of it in the space on the right and answer the questions that follow.
  • My Sky Dairy

    Pick a spot around the house where you can see outside. Sit here during the day time, then draw what you see. Come back to the same spot at night and draw what you see. Compare your drawings, then list down what things are the same and what things are different.
  • All about your favorite flower - Sunflower

    Facts about one of the most famous flowers in the world.