50 Popular Indian Boy Names


Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and meaningful journey. As you explore name options, consider names that not only sound beautiful but also hold significance for your family and heritage. You might look for names that reflect cultural traditions, have positive meanings, or resonate with your personal values.

Top 50 Boy Names


  1. Aarav
  2. Aditya
  3. Arjun
  4. Aryan
  5. Ayaan
  6. Dhruv
  7. Harsh
  8. Ishaan
  9. Karthik
  10. Kavin
  11. Krish
  12. Laksh
  13. Manav
  14. Neel
  15. Om
  16. Parth
  17. Pranav
  18. Raghav
  19. Rahul
  20. Raj
  21. Ranveer
  22. Reyansh
  23. Rishi
  24. Rohan
  25. Sahil
  26. Samarth
  27. Sarthak
  28. Shaurya
  29. Siddharth
  30. Soham
  31. Tarun
  32. Tejas
  33. Trishaan
  34. Ujjwal
  35. Ved
  36. Veer
  37. Vihaan
  38. Vikram
  39. Viraj
  40. Vivaan
  41. Yash
  42. Aarush
  43. Advik
  44. Akash
  45. Ansh
  46. Aryaveer
  47. Dev
  48. Kabir
  49. Rajat
  50. Tanish

Popular choices like Aarav, Arjun, and Vihaan offer a blend of modern appeal and traditional roots. Names like Rishi and Siddharth are timeless and carry deep cultural significance. Ultimately, the ideal name will be one that you feel a strong connection to, envisioning it as a part of your child’s identity as they grow. Take your time, enjoy the process, and choose a name that feels just right for your little one.


Download this printable and write to write the names you have shortlisted for your baby



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