50 Popular Indian Girl Names


Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a cherished and significant decision. Look for names with meaningful significance that reflect values, traits, or sentiments you cherish, such as Ananya (unique), Diya (lamp, light), or Meera (devotee). Consider names that honor your cultural background or family traditions, like Parvati or Radhika. Choose a name that flows well with your last name and is easy to pronounce and spell to avoid potential confusion. Decide whether you prefer a popular name like Aanya or Anika, or a more unique name like Charvi or Lavanya, balancing familiarity with distinctiveness.

Here are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect name for your baby girl:

  • Think about how the name will age with your child, ensuring it remains fitting throughout her life.
  • Opt for names inspired by literature, mythology, nature, or important people, like Tara (star) or Veda (knowledge), for a rich, inspirational origin.
  • Consider the initials and potential nicknames to ensure they are pleasant and acceptable.
  • Seek feedback from family and friends for valuable perspectives, but remember the final decision rests with you.
  • Test out the name by saying it aloud in various contexts to see how it feels.


50 Popular Indian Girl Names


  1. Aanya
  2. Aditi
  3. Aishwarya
  4. Ananya
  5. Anika
  6. Anushka
  7. Arya
  8. Avni
  9. Charvi
  10. Diya
  11. Divya
  12. Esha
  13. Gauri
  14. Ishita
  15. Jhanvi
  16. Jyoti
  17. Kavya
  18. Kiara
  19. Kriti
  20. Lavanya
  21. Meera
  22. Misha
  23. Naina
  24. Navya
  25. Niharika
  26. Nisha
  27. Parvati
  28. Pooja
  29. Priya
  30. Radhika
  31. Riya
  32. Saara
  33. Sakshi
  34. Sanya
  35. Sara
  36. Shreya
  37. Simran
  38. Srishti
  39. Suhani
  40. Tanya
  41. Tara
  42. Trisha
  43. Vaishnavi
  44. Vani
  45. Veda
  46. Vidya
  47. Yashika
  48. Yashvi
  49. Zara
  50. Zoya


Download the below printable to make the list of the names you have shortlisted:



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